Japan & International Free Shipping Campaign

Japan & International Free Shipping Campaign


-International shipping has begun-

Let's get started!  As a trial period, we are offering free international shipping until 8/31.

We believe that you may notice some inadequacies only after you try it.
So, please feel free to order during this period.
If you are not shipping to my country, please feel free to make a request.
We will consider it!We are waiting!!


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Reviews from previous customers

Feedback from customers who purchased the《 one mile apron.》
❝The ideal apron I finally found.❞
It is lightweight, does not tie around the neck, yet covers the chest, and above all, it is cool. Stylish. It really was love at first sight. Thank you for the encounter. Tokyo A.H Japan

Feedback from customers who purchased themitten that fit your hand.》

❝It fits in my hand and is easy to grab.❞
It fits perfectly in my hand and is easy to pick up kettles, plates, anything. I don't even feel the heat. The pointy hat is heavy duty every day. Kanagawa S.M. Japan

Feedback from customers who purchased the 《baggy shorts.》
❝Easy to wear and perfect for summer.❞
These shorts are perfect for summer, cool enough to wear outside in the summer heat. I was worried about washing them, but I ran them in the washing machine as normal. No problem at all. It is very helpful to have something washable at this time of year. Tokyo Y.A Japan

C'est pas Grave items are stylish, practical, and functional. You will find such masterpieces that will make your daily life borderless and enjoyable.


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International shipping が始まりました。


気になっていたliving goodsなどは、この機会にぜひどうぞ。

Coupon code 【free】



one mile apronをご購入のお客様の声
東京 A.H様

手にぴったりはまり、やかんやお皿、何でも取りやすい。熱さも感じませんね。とんがり帽は毎日ヘビロテです。神奈川 S.M

暑い夏の外でも涼しく、夏にピッタリです。お洗濯は悩みましたが普通コースで回しました。全く問題ありませんでしたよ。この時期は洗濯が出来るものが助かります。東京都 Y.A様


ファッション性、実用性、機能性を兼ね備えたC'est pas Graveのアイテム達。日常をボーダーレスに愉しめる、そんな名品と出合えます。

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