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Camping style

Take a break and refresh yourself

Let's go and feel the richness of nature.

In the leisurely flow of time,

Feel the scent of flowers, be healed by the greenery of the forest,

Stimulate the five senses, such as listening to the chirping of birds,

Come face to face with yourself.

By doing a retreat,

Looking forward to a new daily life

You will be able to spend your time.

(retreatment=refreshing away from everyday life and resetting both physically and mentally )

Go to a campsite for a weekend retreat.

Camping rice that feels delicious

Lots of laundry.

There are more water splashes than usual.

but it's okay.

If you put on a quick apron, you won't get wet.

Because in this apron

Because it has been treated to be water repellent.

A one mile apron that always fits your lifestyle.

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