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C'est pas Grave      S         M         L

US                       4        6-8        10

ITALY                  36        38        40-42


C'est pas Grave      S         M         L

US                       34        36        38

ITALY                   42       44-46     46-48




This product is available for reservation by 14:00 on December 13th.。

Delivery is scheduled for December 14-15.。


Collaboration lease with active stylist and handicraft micronース。

We have prepared forest wreaths using various types of eucalyptus and fruits, mainly bluebird, a coniferous plant with plenty of freshness, which means regeneration.ました。

in the middle、

  • orange sweet
  • tea tree
  • Cedarwood

Together with a candle blended with 3 types of aroma。

How about spending a peaceful time with your loved ones this Christmas with the faint sweet scent of oranges and a woody sense of security that envelops you?すか。


Mrs. Marchan

An active stylist who plays an active role mainly in commercials
What is missing in the lease is created by herself and creates the space necessary for shootingす。

Take advantage of your creativityhandworkI am working on a brand called。
Sending out works such as Christmas wreaths every year is one of his lifeworks。
Many customers are looking forward to this season。


Christmas dinner with family
Forest wreath in the middle
If you light a candle and listen carefully, you can hear a faint crackle from the core of the wood.よさ。
The faintly lit light and warm scent will lead you from the ordinary to the extraordinary.。

Of course, you can also hang it on the wall or the door.す。
Create your own space。


Approximately 29cm in diameter
candle glass height 8cm


-Delivery schedule-
December 14-15

*Because it is a natural product, the shape and size of each item may vary slightly.す。
Please note。



〈forest wreath
We use fresh plants, but they begin to dry during delivery.。
take it out of the box quickly、Give me some water with a mist spray。


Drying is accelerated by sunlight and strong wind。
 Please enjoy the plants that change into dried flowers over time.



Soy wax is...
Wax made from 100% soybeans。
Less soot、

The candle is gentle on small children and pets because it does not contain harmful substances. It is said that it also has the effect of purifying the air.ます。
100% soy wax candles with 100% natural essential oils。
It has a faint scent that does not interfere with your meal, but the way you perceive the scent is different for each person.。
I do not recommend using it if you think you are not good at it.。
Please use it as the interior of the room.。



When lighting candles with wreaths, make sure the fire doesn't spread to the plants.う

keep an eye on、Please be careful。

Don't forget to put out the fire!

Be careful where you put it next to the curtain so it doesn't catch fire on the edge of the curtain.さい。

If you use it for a long time, the container will become hot and dangerous.Please use it for about 1 to 2 hours.い。

Although it is a low-temperature burning soy wax, please do not touch the container while using.さい。

If the candle is reduced to the bottom, the container will become hot and dangerous.。
Please use it as a room fragrance after using it to some extent.い。



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In some cases, the shipping fee may be ¥1.250 or more.
note that.


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