Tronc de C'est pas Grave

She knows what she likes.
Drifting from a corner of Marche
Fresh tree strawberry scent.
rambling with a friend or lover
Planning a vacation.
Drawn by a worn-out shirt
Adorable wrinkles.
I like something warm.
I like things that I can love forever.
and more than anything,
I like things that let me be myself.
Lined up in her closet
Simple and faintly gentle
"TRONC de C'est pas Grave"
Send to women with their own style,
Comfortable daily wear brand.
Like an innocent campus,
Dyed in many colors depending on the personality of the person who wears it,
Clothes that you will love for a long time.
Supporting the base of"C'est pas Grave"
It is a brand that will become"Trnc/ Stem".