Apparel line restarted in June 2022

"C'est pas Grave"was named with such a wish,"I want you to enjoy fashion more casually and more lightly."

While maintaining the brand's starting point of"playful trad x classy edge", we added"progress regardless of age, race, or culture"and"essence to enjoy sharing with partners". We restarted as loungewear without boundaries.

From wearing favorites that match the times, to your own masterpiece that will not fade over time...

icon product

one mile apron

Do you guys wear an apron when doing household chores?

Imagine it. Oil splash of cooking. The dirt around the microwave oven after finishing is also flying to the clothes as it is.

You can use your important clothes for a long time by wearing an apron, such as blocking dirt, not increasing washing, and not damaging the cloth of clothes. And the stylishness of this apron is one mile = you can wear it a little, you can wear it all day without putting on and taking off. Yes, that's because it's fashionable.

Introducing ITOCI's icon product, one mile apron.

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Would you like to embroider one mile apron?

Because it is used every day, to one that changes your life.

From our hands to the customer's

We received joyful voices from customers who embroidered.

❝ The product arrived today. My wife was overjoyed and very satisfied. Thank you for your wonderful apron and prompt response.

Osaka KM

❝ It was a nice wrapping, so I said it was for myself, but I left it unopened until Christmas.

It was a lonely Christmas for the couple, but I enjoyed it. Thank you 🎄❞

Hyogo KT

one mile apron

There are three types of aprons.

(Cannot be included in one mile apron Ⅱ)

How to put embroidery

◼︎ You can enter up to 7 characters, such as your name, store name, and message.



Please choose from the above two fonts. (alphanumeric characters only, lowercase letters are also possible)

◼︎ The color of the embroidery is

・Off white


Choose from

◼︎The embroidery will be placed on the left chest.

◼︎It will take about 2 weeks from order to delivery.

* Depending on the congestion situation, the number of days may change, so we will contact you each time.

◼︎It costs ¥880 (tax included) separately.

Click here for embroidery orders

If you have any other requests, we will do our best to accommodate them.

Please feel free to contact us.

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